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  • Russian-Persian...

    Russian-Persian Inter-Postal Relations

    Russian-Persian Inter-Postal Relations
    Effects on Early Postal Developments to the 19020s
    How a forceful neighbor opened up Persia and indirectly transformed it to a modern state.
    This exhibit was shown under FIP's 'Social' sub-category of Postal History. In this category, the exhibitor can show non-philatelic material such as maps, photographs and newspaper.

    2012 Salon de Paris - 96 points and Grand Prix runner up
    2013 Melbourne FIP - Gold 
    2014 Philakorea FIP - Large Vermeil

  • Dedicated to Dr....

    RPSL Exhibit ; Dedicated to Dr. Mohamed Dadkaha
    (1910-1980) Iran


    It is great honour to any philatelist to once in his life have had this opportunity so when I got it I took it. The result is what you see i was given three frames so I decided to take a number of my better items from different collections and put them together in the manner as shown in the hope that anyone interested would get a fair idea of the richness and vastness of the subject Persia Postal History.


    I am here with any collector interested in Persian philately to have a sincere look. If there are - I would not be surprised! - any errors, it is entirely my own fault. I only have myself to blame and i do appreciate your kindness in informing me about any error so I can correct it.


    If this little display is to your enjoyment i am very pleased


                                                                                                     Bjorn Sohrne


    Selection of rarities from five different exhibits
     Early Persia Postal History (till 1900)
    - The Years of Turbulence (1902-1930)
    - India and Persia (till 1930)
    - Russia and Persia (till 1930)
    - Persia Postal Stationery Qajar period

    These exhibits have together have together received 14 international Gold
    Early Persia Postal History and Persia Postal Stationery each also Large Gold